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Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend, a day which for some is a great day full of family, gratitude and fun. However, for some people Mother’s Day brings up painful memories and emotions – I have heard of many people choosing to avoid church on Mothering Sunday in order to avoid the overwhelming focus upon motherhood. This can be a problem for all kinds of reasons, so here are 8 people that we should pray for this Mother’s Day.

Those in the care system

God, please be with all those who are currently in the care system. Bring them your support and your peace. Provide them with stability and with strong, kind and supportive role models. Be with those who are working to ensure that every child in care can find a loving family.

Adoptive/Foster Mothers

God, we pray for all the foster and adoptive mothers who are supporting vulnerable children in our community. Give them strength, patience, courage and love. Help us to better support these mothers in all they day, giving them practical support and encouraging them through all they do.

Expectant Mothers

God, pregnancy can be a scary and painful time for so many women. Help all expectant mothers, and their children, to stay healthy and happy. Bring these mothers joy through this season as they prepare to welcome their child into the world.

Children of abusive mothers

God, we pray for all those who have had abusive or neglectful mothers. Help them to heal, both physically and emotionally. Help them to find new, loving, wise, motherly figures for them to turn to for advice and comfort.

Grieving Mothers

God, this Mother’s Day, be with every mother who has lost a child – including those who passed away before they were born.  Show them your love, your comfort and your peace. Help them to know that they are loved and valued and to trust in your mighty power.

Mothers who aren’t mothers

God, there are so many women who guide us and love us and encourage us. Thank you for these mother figures who are not our birth mothers. Thank you that they are here for us and that they love us like a mother.

Those who are not called to be mothers

God, we know that you do not call everyone to marry, and you do not call every woman to be a mother. Help the Church to better support those who are single or childless and to value the contributions that they make to our community. Help them to better understand God’s plan for their lives.

Your mother

God, thank you for my mother. Thank you for the lessons she has taught me and all that she has done for me. Bring her your peace, your comfort and your love.

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