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Spring is here! I’m so excited for the weather to start to warm up, for all the plants and animals to come out and all of the exciting events that come with Spring and Summer. Here are my favourite creative prayer ideas for you to try this Spring

Wildlife Prayers

Spring is a wonderful time for exploring the wildlife around us. Flowers are emerging, baby animals are being born, the frost is finally starting to disappear!  This Spring, lets use these signs as prayer prompts. Each time you see a certain type of wildlife, let that serve as a reminder for you to Here are a few examples of prayer prompts you could use:

  • Daffodils – Thank God for something wonderful going on in your life!
  • Butterflies – Pray for your friends
  • Bees – Pray for the climate of our planet, that we can take better care of it
  • Hedgehog – Say sorry to God for the times you have done something wrong
  • Bluebells – Pray for your local church
  • Fox – Pray for the hungry and the homeless
  • Rabbit – Pray for children and families in your community
  • Lamb – Pray for people you know to come to know God


A traditional part of Lent is to fast, so why not try out this spiritual discipline. The purpose of fasting is to take our eyes away from the distractions of the world and the desires of our human nature, and to refocus our eyes upon God. You can read more about it here.

Nailing your sins to the cross

On Good Friday, we celebrate the fact that Jesus chose to take all of our sins upon himself and take the punishment for all of them by dying on the cross. Let’s use this opportunity to say sorry to God for the things we do that draw us away from him. Take a post-it note, write on it something that you know you have done wrong and want to repent for. Then attach it to a large wooden cross, ideally using nails if you can do this safely as it reminds us of the pain of Jesus’ death upon the cross. Depending on the size of your group, you may want to write several each to cover the cross in these sins.

Resurrection Power

On Easter Sunday we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, when he came back to life!

Take a bunch of dead flowers. Look at them and think about all the situations and issues that you know of that remind you of these flowers – dying, wilting, lifeless. This could be situations like a struggling marriage, a strained friendship, someone struggling with crippling addiction or someone struggling with health issues.

Find a bunch, or flower pot of real, living, blooming flowers. Ask for God to reach into the situations you thought of before and bring new life to all of them, ask for his resurrection power.

Celebration Bunting

Easter is a very serious time in the churches calendar. But, sometimes we forget that Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday is a time for celebration! It’s a day for rejoicing and thanking God for all that he has done for us. To help us to celebrate, let’s make some bunting. Cut out some triangles from coloured card or fabric and write out the letters for ‘Happy Easter’ across the triangles. Attach the triangles together using ribbon or strong string to create your bunting. Decorate each of the triangles with pictures and words representing the things you want to celebrate and thank God for!

Could you try one of these creative prayer ideas this Spring?

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