Everywhere I go, I hear about the travesty that is technology and social media. I hear how these things are destroying our lives and preventing us from listening to God properly. But what is it about these things that is so detrimental to our faith? Why are we allowing them so much power over us and our faith?

If faith in the God who created the universe can be quashed by a simple computer or telephone, I believe that’s an ‘us’ problem; not a ‘technology’ problem.

But what about the benefits of technology? Why are we so focused upon the negatives when these new developments can bring us so many new opportunities: new ways to share our faith, new ways to engage in God’s word, new ways to connect with people. I want to explore some of these new opportunities that we should be seizing to help us grow and live out our faith!

The Bible

I love the Bible. In my mind, anything that helps us read the Bible more is a good thing. Being able to access scripture from our phones and online is so great because it allows us to draw upon the word whenever and wherever we are – rather than having to wait until we can find a physical Bible. I use the YouVersion Bible App on my phone and Bible Gateway on my computer. I love being able to quickly find the passage I’m looking for, as well as the reading plans that YouVersion provide – these have really helped me when I’ve been unsure where to start.


It took me a while to find any prayer apps that made any sense to me, but recently I’ve been loving PrayerMate. This app lets you put together a collection of topics that you want to pray about including family members, people you want to share your faith with, plus feeds put together by organisations such as Open Doors. Each day it then selects a number of topics for you to pray about and guides you through. I think this is super helpful for keeping track of the topics that I want to pray about and ensuring that I do remember to pray about them. You can even set reminders on your phone to get you to pray on a daily basis.

Great content

New technology has given rise to some wonderful blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts full of biblical truth and wise guidance. Whilst this can lead to people leaning on creators rather than turning to the Bible, when used properly it can be of huge benefit to people. It’s a great way to hear testimonies, see different interpretations upon scripture and be encouraged in your faith.

Social Media

Social media gets an awful lot of hate. We are constantly being told of the dangers of social media; how it is destroying our confidence and causing all sorts of problems. Personally, I believe this all depends upon how social media is used. In my experience, social media can be hugely beneficial rather than detrimental for a number of reasons. Firstly, it allows us to connect with like-minded people. We can build relationships with other Christians from around the world, pray for each other, share experiences and support each other in our faith. Secondly, we can choose to fill our social media timelines with positive Christian role models and people who bring us joy. If someone you follow makes you feel sad, jealous or negatively about yourself – choose to remove them. Find the people that encourage you in your faith, challenge you, draw you closer to God and bring you joy. Some of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow include: Nicole Mason, Coffee and Bible Time and Phylicia Masonheimer. Also, you should totally come follow me too!

How technology can support your faith

How do you use technology to support you in your faith?

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