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Confession time: I barely touched my Bible from Christmas until just the other day. 

Over the Christmas period, I really fell out of my normal Bible study routines and struggled to get back into it in the new year. There were so many distractions – new pets (come follow me on Instagram to meet them!), new furniture and the same old work that needs doing.

This is no excuse, but this is where I found myself; knowing that I should be digging into God’s word, but unsure how to get back into it.

So, here are some of the things that I found super helpful in getting back into the rhythm of studying the Bible daily. These also apply to those of you who are wanting to start studying the Bible daily for the first time.

How to start studying the Bible daily

Schedule the time

When is the best time for you to study the Bible? Is it in the morning? Over breakfast? In your lunch break? When you get home from work/school? Just before you go to bed? Ideally, this will be a time that you can do every day, but that doesn’t always work for everyone’s routines, so work out what best suits you. Then, block out that time in your calendar or set a reminder so you don’t plan anything else in that time. If we want to fit time in God’s word into our schedule, we need to make it a priority!

Start small

When looking at the Bible, it can seem pretty intimidating because it’s just so big! How are we ever going to get through this? So, start small. Choose just one section to study for today, it doesn’t even have to be a whole chapter – as long as you understand the context it’s written in and don’t simply pull out a random verse from no-where. As you get back into studying the Bible daily, you can increase how much you study until you fight the balance of quality and quantity that best suits you, but starting small can really help this not seem so daunting.

Follow a framework

Another thing that may be stopping you from diving back into the Bible is not being sure quite what to do. Using a framework can really by leading you through what to look at. My favourite framework to use is SOAP (Scripture, Observations, Action, Prayer) and I have a whole blog about this here! This is a super simple framework that will help you dive into the passage you are studying.

Make it fun!

Bible study shouldn’t just be a chore you do each day, but something you enjoy! Find the things that help you enjoy Bible study most – for me, I enjoy using coloured pens and highlighters to make notes and pull out different sections of the passage I’m reading. I also keep a Bible study tracker in my bullet journal, which helps to motivate me (you can read about this in my blog here).

Reading the Bible daily

What helps you get back into studying the Bible daily?

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  1. Actually, you are not the only one who fell out of bible reading. So glad for God’s grace. Thank you for the tips to get back on track!!
    Blessings and happy reading!!

  2. Great advice on reading the Bible! I used to have a lot of problems getting consistent studying done in the Bible, but then one of my pastors did a sermon similar to your post, but in more detail, on how to study the Bible. The sermon helped me dramatically to have a better devotional/Bible study time with God! One thing that he didn’t mention that you did is to make the Bible Study fun and interesting so that you are engaged with it.

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