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Do you use a bullet journal? For the last year, I’ve used a bullet journal to plan my months and weeks, track how I keep to certain habits as well record other things such as books I’ve read, films I’ve watched and more!

I have put together my new bullet journal for the year, and wanted to share some of the Christian bullet journal spreads I’ve included this year.

You can also check out my YouTube video sharing these 5 bullet journal spreads!

Bible Study TrackerBible Study Tracker

This is a great spread for tracking which chapters of the Bible I have studied. Last year, I did this based on which books I had read, but this year I wanted to focus upon the chapters that I’ve looked at in much more depth. I will be filling in the chapters I studied in 2018 as I’d like to study the whole Bible before I re-start my tracker.

My plan for this spread is to colour over each number once I have read that chapter!

My Favourite Bible VersesMy Favourite Bible Verses

This is pretty much self-explanatory… a place for me to write down my favourite Bible verses of the year. Last year I included a range of passages, including the reading from my wedding and other verses that impacted me throughout the year.

12 Months of Challenges

12 month of challenges

This year I have set myself the New Year’s resolution of completing 12 month-long challenges – check out my blog all about it here. I created this spread in my bullet journal to record what my challenge is for each month as well as how well I’m keeping to my challenge. For each day I complete, I will be colouring over that date.

Big Prayers

Big Prayers

On this spread I have created four boxes to track some of my big prayers through 2019. A little while ago, I wrote a blog all about praying more specifically, so this spread is to help me break down big prayers into more specific prayers. In each box, I will write the big prayer, followed by the smaller prayers. When a smaller prayer is answered I will colour in a box in order to keep track of how God has moved in these areas.

Habit & Wellness Tracker

Habit & Wellness Tracker

This is a spread I include for each month of my bullet journal to track which habits I do each day. These include bible study, prayer, housework, reading, learning, creativity and watering plants. I also track how I use social media for this blog as well as health issues, what exercise I do, my step count and my heart rate. The final thing I include is a gratitude column, to remind me to thank God for great things in my life each day.

Each of these Christian bullet journal spreads support me in my faith and I find them so helpful! What other spreads could I include in 2020?

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  1. Really love this- especially the chapters read. It would be fascinating to track for a year all the chapters that I read in my personal Bible study and that are taught at church and elsewhere for a year. Might have to try and find a way to do it too!

  2. Michelle Montrella

    I am really excited about Journaling. I use three journals. How many do you use?

  3. Journaling is my thing and I have three separate journals. Do you use more than one journal?

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