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In Christian circles, you tend to hear a lot about ‘the reason for the season’ and how awful it is that Christmas has become so materialistic. But what are we actually doing about this? The majority of us are still doing these ‘materialistic’ elements of Christmas like buying presents, having a huge meal and eating lots of chocolate. What changes are we making to make our Christmas a little bit different to those around us who don’t believe?

 4 Simple ways to keep Christmas Day about Jesus


Go to church!

This may be common sense for some of you who attend church regularly, but for those who don’t, finding the time in your day to go out and celebrate the birth of Jesus with a community of other believers around you, can be hugely encouraging and can ground your Christmas Day firmly on the story we read in the Bible.

Christmas Day this year is on a Tuesday, so taking the time to visit your church and worship together can really help to focus your mind upon the importance of this day and remind you exactly what all these other celebrations are really about.

Say grace before eating

Christmas Dinner is one of my favourite meals of the entire year, mostly because of the wonder that is pigs in blankets. For many people it is the core of their day, what they plan everything else around. So, take time to thank God for this wonderful meal and for those who have worked to prepare it. Before you eat, focus your mind again on Jesus and why you are eating this meal today.

Read the Bible

Christmas Day is based around 1 single event that we read about in the Bible. So, why not take the time to remind yourself of this story? Now, you may have heard this story quite a lot so why not change it up a bit by reading a new translation, turning the story into a prayer (check out my blog about this here) or if you have a children’s story Bible, try reading that (fun fact: you don’t have to be a child to read a children’s Bible!).

Thank God

Christmas, usually, is a wonderful day. We spend time with family or friends, we share in gifts, in food, in fellowship. We see such blessings, and we must respond with gratitude. Take time, throughout the day, at the end of the day, after everything you do, turn back to God and thank him for all that he has done.

How are you going to ensure that Christmas Day is focused upon Jesus? I pray you all have a wonderful Christmas!

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