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Advent has now begun! This is a season of waiting, excitement and preparation; and an important part of any season of waiting is, of course, prayer. We want God to be a part of our waiting and our preparations, helping us to be best prepared once Christmas Day arrives.

So, here are some of my favourite creative prayer ideas for Christmas – perfect to use as a family, as an individual or as a whole church!

Snowball Fight Prayers

This is a great intercession idea that I tried at my old church last Christmas (or was it the year before?) and found really cool! You could also use this in any group prayers too.

What you need: paper, pens or pencils

What to do:

  • Each person should write or draw something that they want to pray for on their piece of paper.
  • Screw up your piece of paper into a ball.
  • Have a snowball fight! Depending on the space you have you could set a time for throwing around the ‘snowballs’, or just throw them once.
  • When the snowball fight is over, open up a snowball and see what has been written or drawn.
  • Pray over this snowball, pray for the person who wrote or drew the prayers, and for the situation they wanted prayer for – even if you don’t know exactly what they are praying about (God knows already!).

Thank You Card

Gratitude is such an important part of Christmas, both thanking those who bless us with gifts and thanking God for coming to earth as a baby!

What you need: card, anything to decorate it! You could use paint, pens, foam, tissue paper, buttons, sequins, glitter, little bits of your Christmas tree etc.

What to do:

  • Make a card – fold a piece of A4 card in half and decorate the outside in any way you like!
  • On the inside, write a message to God, thanking him for all the blessings you have this Christmas, all that he has done for you, and especially remembering that at Christmas we celebrate how Jesus came to earth as a baby to be with us and save us!

Chocolate Prayers

Is it really Christmas if you don’t have a box of Quality Street, Roses or Celebrations? (or all of the above!). This Christmas, while filling your belly with chocolates, why not take this opportunity to pray – this could be a great boxing day activity to do as a family!

What you need: A selection box of chocolates or sweets!

What to do:

  • Get out your chocolates, and split them into groups. For example, put all the Maltesers together, or put all the green quality streets together.
  • For each group, assign a topic to pray for. Some examples could be: friends, family, those in need, leaders, other countries, prayers of thanks, prayers for yourself, etc.
  • Each time you take a chocolate or sweet, pray about something from that category!

Gifts for around the world

At Christmas, we receive so many wonderful gifts, but there are people around the world who have very little and cannot afford Christmas gifts.

What you need: a large world map or globe, post-it notes, pens, toy cars/planes

What to do:

  • Find a country on your map, drive your car or plane to that country.
  • Think about the needs of that country – what would a great present be for the people living there? This could be food, clear water, an end to war, better healthcare etc.
  • Write your gift on a post-it note and stick it onto that country. Pray and ask God to for that country to receive the gift you have written.
  • Move your car or plane onto another country.

Time Capsule for 2019

After Christmas, 2019 will soon be upon us! A new year is a new opportunity for setting goals, new opportunities and making chances – three things which should be based in prayer.

What you need: Slips of paper, pens, a box or other container.

What to do:

  • Pray and ask God for guidance as you approach 2019
  • Listen to what he says – does he give you words? Ideas? Areas of your life to work on?
  • Write your prayers, and anything you’ve heard from God on slips of paper
  • Put these slips of paper into your box or container
  • Keep your box safe until the end of 2019 – open up your box and see how God has answered your prayers over the year. You may see answers to prayer, areas of your life God has worked in, situations he has changed for you.

Will you try any of these creative prayer ideas this Christmas?

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