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Learning to pray more specifically is something that can benefit all of us. It can help build our relationship with God, getting closer to him as we share the more personal details of what we need; it will help us to be more aware of when God answers our prayers and it can help us to better understand God’s will as we focus more upon his direction in our prayers.

So how can we pray more specifically?

Writing Lists

Things to pray for

This method is perfect for those of us who love making lists! First, create a list of all the things you are currently praying about. This could include people, things you are worried about, events around the world or situations in your personal life. If you want to go extra crazy here, feel free to create a colour coded highlighter system (I love colour coding OK).

Next, break down each point into a list of steps. For example, if your pray is about an illness you’re facing, perhaps your steps could be: courage to go to the doctors, a successful doctor’s appointment, a diagnosis, that you get the medication you need, that the medication makes you feel better, etc.

Finally, for the first step of each point, write out a short prayer that is only focused upon the first step. Be careful to only focus upon this one point specifically rather than including everything.

Asking God for words

Words for people

When you are praying for people, if they are not dealing with any specific issues, it can be hard to know exactly what to be praying about. So, let’s ask God what he thinks we should pray over these people. Start by writing a list of all the people you want to be praying for (yeah, I love lists, sorry).

Next, take time to pray about each person, asking God to give you 2 or 3 words for each person. You could add these prayers to a prayer board (see how I made mine here), a prayer journal or just keep them noted on a piece of paper or on an app in your phone.

When you pray about these people, pray these specific words over the individuals. I did this for my Godson and heard three specific attributes that I could pray for him to have as he grows up and this is so great because my prayers now feel so much more personal and led by God.

Prayer Diary

Break down prayers

Does your church produce a prayer diary? These often give you something to pray for each day for a month, whether that be events, prayers for your community, or specific people.

We can also use this framework to create our own prayer diary! For the next month, write yourself one thing to pray for each day. Make this as specific as possible by choosing one person, or one event or one situation.

When this day arrives, focus upon this one point during your time of prayer, restrict yourself during this time. You could do this by journaling your prayers, using creativity (colouring, painting etc.) in your prayers or simply by focusing your mind on this single point.

I hope these ideas can help you to pray more specifically!

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