19 before 2019

As of today, there is 70 days left of 2018! In just over two months, 2019 will be upon us.

2018 has been a crazy year, full of change and exciting new beginnings. Hopefully, 2019 will be similarly exciting and if you’re anything like me you’re probably already thinking about your plans for 2019. But there is still 70 valuable days left of 2018. That’s 70 days for us to focus upon what’s already happening and using our time as effectively as possible to glorify God and spend time with him.

So, this year, I want to set you a challenge: 19 before 2019.

This challenge is to set yourself 19 goals you want to achieve before 2019 arrives. These don’t have to be big goals, they can be as small as you like. This is a great opportunity to reflect upon the things you wanted to do in 2018, but haven’t got around to yet. Whilst these goals could be anything, I wanted to suggest 19 ideas for goals that will help develop your faith.

  1. Try Bible journaling
  2. Study the book of *insert book of the Bible here*
  3. Review my 2018
  4. Read a Christian book (you can check out some of my recommendations here)
  5. Get involved in something new at your church
  6. Invite friends’ round for a meal
  7. Invite someone new to church
  8. Create a prayer board (check out my blog all about this)
  9. Memorise a Bible Verse
  10. Join a House Group or Bible Study Group
  11. Try fasting
  12. Start tithing to your local church
  13. Take a sabbath day once a week
  14. Keep a gratitude log and write down something you’re grateful for every day
  15. Find a mentor – someone to help you stay accountable and give you biblical advice
  16. Book a Christian conference or retreat for 2019
  17. Watch a video from the Bible Project (find them on Youtube here)
  18. Donate food to your local foodbank
  19. Find an advent challenge to complete (or create your own!)
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  1. Aryn, The Libraryan ?

    What an excellent idea, and your sample list of 19 before 2019 are great! Actually doable and helpful. Thanks!

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