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Doubts are an extremely common part of faith. All around us there are people and forces arguing against our faith, against God. It is easy to slip into the trap of starting to believe these lies. So how do we overcome doubts?

Have mercy

Jude 1:22 says:

“be merciful to those who doubt”.

When someone doubts, we are told to have mercy on them, and this includes ourselves. Don’t beat yourself up for your doubts, as this certainly won’t help you overcome them.

Remember you’re not alone

Everyone faces doubts. Your vicar or minister faces doubts. The authors you read, the youtubers you watch, the singers you listen to, they all face doubts. You are certainly not the only one going through this.

Accept you can’t know everything

For me, this is one of the hardest things to accept. But the Bible often tells us that there are things we just cannot understand because we are not God.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.”

Isaiah 55:8

Write a list

One of my favourite activities to do to help overcome doubts is to write a list of all the reasons I do believe. Include things like answers to prayer I’ve seen previously, people who have helped develop my faith, experiences I’ve had. You can also keep this and use it to help you in any future doubts.

Refocus on the basics

Sometimes we can get caught up trying to understand the most complicated, confusing elements of Christianity that we forget how important the basics area. Rather than trying to wrap your head around the trinity or unanswered prayer, why not refocus on the gospel and who God really is.

They’re just doubts

When we first begin to doubt, it’s very easy for our confusion to spiral into thinking that this is a one-way ticket to atheism. But doubts can be overcome, and we can still maintain our faith whilst struggling with them.

What is making you doubt?

Understanding what is making you doubt is a great way to tackle the doubts. Is it your friends? Certain elements of culture? Can you remove yourself from these situations? This will help you to block out the voices speaking these lies into your life.

Surround yourself with a Christian community

Finding yourself a Christian community, whether at church, a house group or just a group of Christian friends, is a great way to get support, encouragement and advice. Also, the likelihood is that someone there is either facing the same challenge, or has done recently, and may well be able to help you overcome your doubts.

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