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Do you ever get fed up of hearing about the big, extravagant, mind-blowing testimonies and never anything else? I certainly do.

I grew up with a Christian parent, going to church pretty much every Sunday. I’ve always considered myself a Christian. My decision to get baptised came from a feeling that God truly was listening to my prayers. Nothing dramatic, no great story to write about.

Yet, every testimony I hear about, or read about, involve the booming voice of God, a mind-blowing experience of the Holy Spirit or someone being rescued from the darkest depths of despair, addiction, depression or crime. These stories are fantastic and deserve to be told. But what about everyone else? Do their stories not deserve to be told too?

Sometimes it can begin to feel like you’ve somehow missed out by not having this kind of awesome testimony. There’s no one big event to turn back to as your reminder for “That’s why I became a Christian”.  There’s no great tale to tell when people ask. There’s no pivotal moment of when you became a Christian.

The turning point for me, came at New Wine 2017, a summer gathering, in the Pebbles (3-4-year-old kids) team time. In our groups, we were each asked to take turns sharing our testimony and, in my group, it became a bit of a running joke that everyone’s story began with “I grew up in a Christian home”. I found this so encouraging, because I was surrounded by these awesome awesome Christians, none of whom had these crazy testimonies. In fact, we, just like the kids we were serving, had the privilege of knowing God from a young age.

So, if you are someone who considers their testimony to be “boring”, take pride in your boring testimony! Your testimony is a life shaped by God. Celebrate it, rejoice in it, thank God for it!

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  1. I really believe that those who grow up in stable families in the fear and admonition of the Lord are to be envied!

    1. I totally agree!

  2. As a former atheist many of my friends find my testimony intriguing. I absolutely hate when I hear them say “My testimony is boring” or “It’s not as cool as yours”. We should never despise our testimony; salvation is the greatest miracle of all! Thanks for writing this.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Yes, it can so easily turn into a competition over who has the best testimony which is crazy!

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