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In 2011, the Telegraph reported that the average Briton spent more time driving than socialising, spending 10 hours a week behind the wheel.


Small disclaimer: I don’t drive, obviously, I’m a penguin. But I can help Jenny drive…

I quite enjoy driving, but the one thing that really bothers me is how you can’t do anything else but drive… You can’t read, you can’t write anything down, you can’t google that thought you just had. The amount of great ideas I’ve had whilst in the car and then forgotten about because I couldn’t write them down (at least I assume they were great ideas, I have no idea anymore…).

But then I realised, we spend all this time driving around doing nothing, how great would it be if we spent all that time praying?

But, where do we start? What do we pray about? Here are some of the ways that I have found really helpful when praying whilst driving!

Motorway Exits

Driving down the motorway is possibly one of the most boring things ever. But you pass exit signs every few miles. Places you’ve been, places you’ve never even heard of. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to pray for each of the places you pass. To pray that God’s kingdom would come there, to pray for protection over that place, to pray for all the people that live there.

Traffic Jams

Even more boring than motorway driving, is sitting in traffic jams. But, I found that this is a great time to pray for all the people in the cars around you. Obviously, you could do this at any point when driving but I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to focus on the people inside the car if you can actually see them. When you know who’s in the car, you can be a bit more specific with your prayers.

The first two suggestions on this list I have found it best to do in silence or with only very quiet background noise. But I can’t deal with silence for all that long while driving before getting very bored. So, these next two add a bit of noise to your car journey!

Praying the news

Listening to the radio, we hear current news, discussions and local topics. These are all great things to pray about. They’re also repeated frequently so you definitely won’t miss it! You can pray for the people affected by the news, members of the public calling in and the people presenting the shows.

Worship Songs

Another great thing to listen to whilst driving is worship music. Whether you want to spend that time praising God by singing the songs, or by praying through the lyrics of the songs, this is a great way to use your time in the car to praise God for the great things he’s done. But, just be careful not to get so into your worship that you close your eyes… that doesn’t sound like a good idea…

Let me know if you have any other ideas for ways we can pray whilst driving!

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  1. I am a huge “windshield worshipper”?
    I love using my drive time as my “period of praise”, thanking God for the things I see as I drive, the things that are brought to my mind as I pass this company or that house.
    I love your ideas and will definitely be incorporating them into my drive time. Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I love the phrase windshield worshipper haha!

  2. I usually sing along to songs while driving. I’ve certainly prayed before. I never close my eyes though, but then I don’t really close my eyes that much when praying by myself, unless I’m specifically trying to shut out all other distractions. I guess it would also be an idea to listen to audio Bibles and speak the words of scripture too, although I find it easier to sing things, and music helps to memorise scripture anyway. I usually will pray out loud if I am driving, as doing it silence requires more thought and can be more distracting.

    1. You make some great points, thank you! Audio Bibles are a great idea.

  3. Love this idea so much! The simplest parts of life can still praise God the most. Thank you for this post!

  4. I love these ideas! I use my commute to work to listen to the audio Bible in one year app, and then move onto my worship song list. I find the time in the car a great time to just have a chat with God, like we are best friends.

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