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Earlier this week I posted a blog all about 5 different ways that we can pray for other people to come to know God (check it out here!). But what actually do we want to ask God for when praying about these people? Praying for them to come to know God can seem like an enormous prayer to ask and, whilst we know God has the power to answer these prayers, sometimes it can be helpful to be more specific in our prayers.

So, what should we be asking for when we pray for non-Christians?



Sometimes it can be hard to see when we should talk about our faith. Are we talking about it too often? When is a good time to start the conversation? So, ask God for more opportunities to talk about him with your non-Christian friends. Ask him to guide you and show you these good opportunities.


Of course, even when the opportunities arise, it can be hard to gather the confidence to start these conversations. Ask God for this confidence! Not every conversation we have may go well, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying. Our story about how God has changed our lives can make a huge difference to other people.

“Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.”

– Jeremiah 17:7


As well as praying for how we can talk to our friends and family about God, it’s also important to pray about their response. Ask God to soften their hearts, open their ears and allow them to be receptive to all that you have to say to them. Ask him that they won’t reject you and that they will discuss their thoughts and listen to your stories.


We also want to ask God to help strengthen our relationship with these friends and use it to glorify him. Ask him to help you to be generous, honest, trustworthy, hospitable and to reflect his love to all of your friends. Demonstrating Christ like qualities in your friendships will help your friends to see something different in you. It’s hard to hear about God and his goodness from someone who doesn’t demonstrate this in their everyday life.

Health & Protection

Finally, we want to ask God to protect our friends. Whilst we work to help them draw closer to God, the enemy will also be working hard to stop them. Ask God that they stay safe and aren’t drawn away from him by the temptations around them.

So, I hope you are now all ready to choose the five people you want to come to know God and get praying!

5 things to pray for non-christians
5 things to pray for non-christians
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  1. This article has just come at the right time. Yesterday evening I shared with quite a number of friends how I lived in the dark as a Christian for a long time. Testimonies work wonders to weaker Christians who already desire to know Christ more. My prayer for all people is that God increases our desire to know and serve him by the second. That way, He will expand our acquaintances and spread the word of God to the extent He has designed for us. It’s quite fulfilling to uplift a soul.

  2. I wish I could love this! Such great advice I plan to pass this along. 🙂

    1. Thank you! That’s awesome 🙂

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