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I hope that by now you’ve all heard about Thy Kingdom Come, a global prayer initiative praying for God’s kingdom to come here on earth and for more people to come to know God. A big part of this initiative is to choose five people and commit to praying for them to come to know God.

But how do we go about praying for these 5 people?

I want to share with you 5 ways to pray for 5 people! I hope you find them helpful.

Thy Kingdom Come resources

This year, Thy Kingdom Come have released two resources that I think are super helpful for praying for five people. The first is their new app, which allows you to save the five names and get a reminder each day to pray for them. The second is their prayer journal. As well as providing a space for each of the 11 prayers of Thy Kingdom Come, this provides a page to write down the five people we want to pray for. I find both of these resources brilliant as they allow me to keep these names with me all the time, either on my phone or in a physical copy.

Post-it Notes

Put up post-it notes around your house or room. Seeing these specific names around you every day will help to trigger your memory to pray for these people whenever you see them! Seeing the names so often will also help you to commit these names to memory. I recommend putting these post-it notes in places that you visit often, maybe on your door, somewhere you can see from your bed, next to the TV, or next to your secret stash of chocolate…


An idea, that I believe came out of Thy Kingdom Come last year, that I really loved was having a bracelet with five knots in. I found this a really great idea as it was a constant reminder and I could hold each knot whilst praying for the specific person. I loved having something that I kept with me all the time, however I would recommend ensuring it fits really well because I lost mine at least three times.

Set reminders

The wonder of modern technology means that we can set ourselves reminders on our phones to pray. Whether you schedule this into your calendar, or as an alarm, this will act as a reminder to pray and allow these prayers to become part of your schedule. You could choose to set one person per day, or each person spread throughout the day.


Another way to use technology to help you pray for each of these people, is to find photos of the people you want to pray for, and set them as your screen backgrounds. Personally, I find it very difficult to use a phone with my flippers so I’ll have to use a computer for this one! But, wherever you put these photos, hopefully they will remind you of these people regularly and remind you to pray for them continually.

Let me know if you try out one of these ideas and how you find it. Let’s all get praying for our friends, families and neighbours!

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