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I’m always seeing (and hearing) sermons, podcasts, blogs, articles etc. about unanswered prayers. How to cope with it, why it happens; and don’t get me wrong, this is such an important thing to talk about it! But I also think we should talk about when God answer our prayers.

Answered prayer is such a blessing and a reason to give thanks. Whilst there are many reasons why God may not answer our prayers, there are also many ways in which he does answer our prayers!

Personally, the main way I’ve seen God answer prayers hasn’t been through an audible voice but either through a feeling of comfort or seeing something that I’ve been praying for come to fruition.

Recently, I was blessed enough to see two big prayers answered in one week and they taught me two very important lessons about who God is.

Firstly, God’s timing isn’t always different to ours. For many people, God’s timing can seem to be in complete opposition to our own. In such cases, when we look back at it later we can see the purpose behind God’s timing and how perfect it really was. However, I think that the times that God’s timing does fit with ours can lead to us mistakenly believing that we were the ones that planned and caused it, not God. When God answers our prayers, whether through us, or without us, we must thank him and remember that he is the one that has blessed us.

Secondly, God does minister to our personal needs. I have a great need to plan ahead and I really hate the uncertainty of not knowing what God’s plan is for the future. I am very used to having my plans changed at the last minute when I realised God’s plans were different to my own. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes God ministers to this need of mine. Recently, he has allowed me to clearly see his plans for the future with plenty of time for me to plan and get things done. He has also begun preparing me for these changes. He is good to us.

God answers our prayers. We must learn to trust in his timing, thank him for all he blesses us with and remember his goodness to us.


Dear God, thank you that you hear us when we talk to you. Thank you for listening, caring and answering our prayers. Help us to trust that you are working for our good and know what is best for us. Help us to recognise your blessings in our lives and always thank you for them. Amen.

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