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Lent is a period of time leading up to Easter that allows us to reflect upon Jesus’ death and resurrection and all that it means to us today.

Lent is also a time where Christians traditionally sacrifice something they enjoy in order to dedicate more time to spending time with God and learning about him. Because of this, there are endless possibilities for devotionals, challenges and resources to engage with during. To name just a few there is Stewardship’s 40acts challenge, looking at generosity & Open Doors’ ‘Fast Food’ resource based around sharing a series of meals & hear stories of the persecuted Church.

Both of these look like fantastic resources that I would definitely recommend looking at, however today I’m going to be talking about the Church of England’s lent campaign #LiveLent: Let your light shine.

This campaign includes a daily devotional booklet, a weekly course and an App available from iOS and android.

I have bought the #LiveLent booklet and am very excited to get started on the daily devotional from Ash Wednesday (14th Feb)! The daily devotionals take you on a journey through the Gospel of John, with each week themed to work in conjunction with the weekly course.

Each day you have a short passage to read, followed by a reflection upon this. You are then invited to pause and reflect on what you’ve read. There is then opportunity for a time of prayer and lastly a challenge that we can take into the world to be a witness.

Inside booklet
Inside booklet

The booklet is presented so nicely, at a perfect size to just slip into a bag or large pocket and the daily devotionals are very clearly laid out and easy to follow. I have also downloaded the app so I can have the daily devotionals with me each day, whenever I want to read them!

I won’t be blogging this each day, however I hope to share my thoughts periodically throughout Lent on my Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. It looks like a fantastic resources which I pray will help many people to explore Lent. To find out more visit the website here.

Let me know if you’re planning to use the #LiveLent: Let your light Shine resource or any others this lent!

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