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Prayer Corner | January 2018

New year, new series! Today I wanted to share with you a bit of a look at the things I’ve been praying for over the past month and how lots of these prayers have been answered in different ways!

Healing was quite a big feature in this month’s prayers! Jenny started the year rather ill and with a broken car (does it count as healing if it’s a car???); she then quickly passed her illness onto Robin – luckily, I remained at least 5m away at all times and avoided the dreaded cold! I’ve also had a number of friends and family that have been quite ill this month (it’s this winter, you humans just can’t deal with the cold!) so many of them have featured on my prayers too.

One prayer I prayed repeatedly, was to survive the pantomime our church was putting on. Now, I am no actor, and was even further horrified to learn that the whole thing would be ad-libbed with no rehearsal!! My prayer was simple: get through it, don’t die. But actually, God well and truly answered this prayer – the panto turned out to be a great, and highly entertaining, evening that I actually quite enjoyed. You see, sometimes God doesn’t just answer the prayers we ask, but goes far beyond our wildest expectations!

January has been a very busy month for me so productivity, time and less stress were also frequent features of my prayers!!

Finally, throughout January I completed a Bible reading plan based on the theme “Never Alone”. Each day, I studied the Bible passages using the SOAP technique, which includes a chance to pray at the end. From this, a lot of my prayers were of gratitude to God for always being with me, as well as prayers for help in remembering that he is ALWAYS there and not to be afraid of things.

Let me know what things you’ve been praying for this month!

Dear God, thank you for this new year and this first month of January. We pray for all the new people that have entered this world this month, may they be happy, healthy and safe. Thank you that you are always with us, that you protect us and care for us. As we begin February, help us to use this month as a chance to learn about you, worship you, share you with others and to glorify you. Amen.

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Lesley honeybrook
2nd March 2018 at 12:40 am

Hi there I was praying to god and I saw a emperor penguin . I do not know what this means. Would you let me know

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