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Towards the end of the last year, I finally caught up with the rest of the world and discovered the wonderful world of Pinterest!

Overflowing with incredible ideas, this platform is a never-ending stream of wonderful crafts, games, activities, images, quotes, blogs, challenges and so much more. I could spend hours exploring it (and I do)!

But there is one thing in particular that I have found Pinterest to be wonderful for, and that is Bible Reading Plans! A Bible reading plan is essentially a list telling you what passage from the Bible that you should read each day. Some follow a bigger plan to read to entire bible in a year, others follow a specific theme each month such as: The attributes of God, Marriage, passion & purpose, trusting god, patience and choosing joy.

My Pinterest board is getting bigger and bigger so I think I’m all set for the next four years!!

These Bible reading plans can be used in lots of different ways. You may just want to read the passage each day, you may want to write it out or you may want to study the passage too.

Through January I have been following a plan called ‘never alone’ and studying each passage using the SOAP method (read all about soap here). This has been a really great experience! Whilst I may not have stuck to doing a passage every single day I have been working my way though the list and dedicating time to study the passages. Alongside the ‘never alone’ theme running thought out, there have also been many other topics within the passages meaning it hasn’t become repetitive and God has been speaking to me about loads of different things!

These themed plans allow you to read a wide selection of biblical passages and see the themes and ideas that run throughout the entire Bible!

So, for February I thought it would be really fun if we completed a reading plan together! I’ve chosen a plan called ‘One Another’, looking at how we treat other people! It was created by Debbie at The Architect and the Artist, here.

You can either follow this list on your own or each day I will post the corresponding passage to my Facebook page – so make sure you’ve liked my page over there! Let me know in the comments if you’re joining in!!


Dear God, help us to understand your word. Help us to dedicate time to listen, to read, to study, to explore. Show us what you want us to see as we go through these passages. Help us to listen and to respond to all that you show us through this plan. Amen.

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