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Music is such a powerful thing! Music can create an atmosphere, stir emotions within you and really affect the way you feel. There is so much wonderful worship music out there, way more then I’ll ever be able to listen to!

However, I have managed to pick out 12 worship songs that I heard/discovered in 2017 that I REALLY think you should listen to! Click on the song to listen on YouTube!

Yes & Amen – Housefires. This was a song that we sung quite a lot during team times in Pebbles at New Wine this year and I just love it! It’s one of those songs that can be so reflective, yet so joyful too!

At the Cross (Love Ran Red) – Chris Tomlin. I first heard this song whilst preparing for leading the children’s ministry at another church’s away day earlier this year. I absolutely love the music and the lyrics! In fact, I would definitely recommend buying this whole album (I got it for like £3!), playing it full blast in the car and singing along!

Waves – Worship Central. This was another song we sung a lot at New Wine this year. It’s such a peaceful, calming song, sung so beautifully. The whole track is just so quietly powerful!

Everything in Colour – Ben Cantelon. I can’t remember exactly when I first heard this song (it may well have been 2016, please forgive me!) but I found it whilst listening to Guardian, another of Ben’s wonderful songs! This such a joyful, uplifting song that never fails to cheer me up!

The Lost Get Found – Britt Nicole. This is another one I can’t quite remember when I found it, but it’s just too great to leave off this list! I first found Britt Nicole after another of her songs ‘The Sun is Rising‘ (fab song, listen to that too) was featured on the soundtrack to ‘The Other Woman’. She has a beautiful voice and really preaches her beliefs through her music in such a wonderful way!

Brokenness Aside – All Sons & Daughters. This song was actually recommended by my friend Phoebe at a worship band rehearsal. This is such a lovely song with such powerful lyrics that really make you want to listen to every single thing they’re singing!

One Thing Remains – Jesus Culture. The feeling of rising and building in this song is simply incredible. I’ve played and sung this about a million times and I am still not bored of it! The lyrics, the music, the feeling, everything is just so so good and I could listen to this on repeat for about a week!

Ever Be – Kalley Heiligenthal. Possibly my favourite song in this whole list, and definitely my most recent discovery! I first heard this at a New Wine Celebration at Church of the Good Shepherd in Crookhorn and I just had to go and find it on YouTube as soon as possible! It’s SO beautiful, the lyrics are so moving and everything about it just makes me want to sing it out all of the time!

Now, this list wouldn’t really be complete without a couple of Christmas songs would it? I know it’s January but I don’t even mind, sing these all year round it’s fine!

He Shall Reign (Forevermore) – Chris Tomlin. Technically I first heard this song Christmas 2016, but it was back again this year so I’m counting it! I love love love playing this song, it’s so joyful, just a declaration of the truth of God which you can just sing out and really let go of everything else!

We Have a Saviour – Hillsong Worship. Every time I listen to this song, I remember all over again just how much I love it. Even more than that, I love playing this with the Friday Music Group. Reflective, peaceful, joyful, it’s just the act of reaching out to God mushed into a song. The lyrics are beautiful and so moving.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and that maybe you’ve discovered some fabulous new music! Let me know if you enjoy this and I’m sure I’ll do another at some point as I’m finding fantastic new music every single day at the moment and it’s amazing!

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