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Today, we’re going to be talking all about soap!

Now, to be honest, I’ve been slightly traumatised by soap recently. Over the last few months, Jenny has made me have a wash TWICE. Once in a bucket of water and once in a washing machine: going round and round and round and round and round. TRAUMATIC.

But, thankfully, that yucky bubbly stuff is not the kind of soap we’re going to be talking about.

The SOAP Bible study method is actually a method I use to read the Bible quite often. I’ve been trying this since the beginning of January and have been loving it, so I thought I’d share it with you!

SOAP stands for: Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. The way that I use this is to write down my response to each of these points on a page per passage within a dedicated Bible study notebook.

I start by writing out the date and the scripture I’m studying that day. Then, under observations I write down the points within the passage that have jumped out at me, any context I need to consider, and important messages included within the passage.

SOAP Bible Study
SOAP Bible Study

For application, I think about what this passage means for me and how I can apply it within my everyday life.

The final element is prayer. Here, I write a short prayer, based on the passage I’ve read and the applications I’ve taken from it. Rather than write out a prayer and then repeat it in ‘prayer mode’, I pray it to God as I’m writing it which I find really helpful in connecting with what I’m praying.

So far, I’m loving this method: it’s simple, can take as long as I want it to and helps me to really focus upon the applications I can take from each passage I read. I would definitely recommend giving this method a go, no matter how old you are or how much you’ve read or studied the Bible before!

Do let me know if you try this out and how you find it!

See an up to date overview of the SOAP Bible Study method, and how I use it here (& subscribe to my YouTube channel):

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