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Happy New Year! It’s a new year, so of course it’s time to try new things!

One new thing I’ve decided to try out this year, is bullet journaling! Bullet journaling is a planning system that allows you to create your own spreads and collections (lists), rather than following a pre-prepared planner system.

I love planning and organisation, so I was super excited to get started and try out this method! Whilst I was planning out my spreads and collections for my new journal, I was very conscious about how I could use this journal to ensure my life is God-centred.

So, today I wanted to share some of the spreads that I use to stay focused upon God, to help you if you want to create your own bullet journal for Christians.

Bible Reading Tracker
Bible Reading Tracker

Firstly, within my yearly spreads I have a Bible reading tracker. This page allows me to track the amount of the Bible that I have read – each chapter I read, I colour in the corresponding box. Alongside this spread, I also have a ‘My Fave Scripture’ page. Here, I want to record the scripture that really speaks to me throughout the year, or that correlates to a certain event or something I’ve done.

Within my monthly spreads, I keep a habit tracker, a mood tracker, an blog tracker and my prayers list.

My habit tracker includes certain things that I aim to do each day such as getting up by 8am, doing exercise and reading (I definitely don’t manage all of these every single day!). I also felt it was really important to include both prayer and reading the Bible to encourage me to ensure I’m doing these things every single day.

Habit Tracker
Habit Tracker

My blog tracker allows me to see when I am posting to my blog, when I post to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (you should definitely follow me!), when I send out an email and when I write blogs.

My prayers column is essentially a list of some of the key events, people and situations that I’m praying for throughout the month. When these prayers are answered, I then put a cross through the bullet. This is so helpful because it really helps me to see just how my prayers are answered and reminds me to give thanks to God for this!

Finally, I keep a separate diary for my daily systems: a time bar, a daily to-do list and any journaling I’m doing. I also really like including a Bible Verse for the day, simply to keep me engaging with the Bible and having it right there so I can re-focus upon it whenever I look in this diary.

There are loads of other ways to keep God at the centre of your bullet journal for Christians and I’m sure mine will adapt and develop throughout the year. Let me know if you have any great ideas for keeping God at the centre of your planning – I would love to hear them!

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  1. Hi Arnold
    Do you think some people at St Wilfrid’s would like a tracker like yours?

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