Arnold and Gertrude Friendship Bracelets

On the 3rd Sunday of each month, we go to ‘Family Sundays’ – a chance for families to learn about the Bible and develop their faith together as a family.

I always really enjoy it because we do fun activities like creating a garden, as well as discussing the topics we cover and what they mean for our lives.

At November’s Family Sunday we were looking in the Old Testament at times when God’s people (the Israelites) failed – they did this lots and lots and lots. This is because God would help them so they’d be doing really well, but then they would forget about God and think that they themselves were amazing. So, God would stop helping them and of course down they would fall. Then, they’ll realise that they do need God’s help after all and ask him to help them out. (Read the book of Judges to see this, or for a quick overview watch The Bible Project video:

Basically, the issue was that people kept forgetting about God, and the fact that they needed him. This is something that many of us do all the times nowadays too – we can forget that we need God until everything goes downhill.

Friendship Bracelets

To help us remember that we need God all the time, we made friendship bracelets! We used strands of coloured wool to make different kinds of bracelets – including plaits, twisting the stands and knotting them.

Because my flipper is only very small, I wear mine over my shoulders and Gertrude keeps hers around her neck. We think these are fab for helping us to remember God being with us all the time and that we need his help.

So, let’s pray: God we thank you for your help in our lives. Please remind us of your power, the fact that you created everything and that you love us. May we rely upon you always, never forgetting your guiding hand. Amen.

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