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Bible Sunday is a chance, each year for churches all across the country to celebrate the Bible! This year the celebrations were held on Sunday 29th October 2017.

You may remember, just after the celebrations in church (we had a party, it was fab) I posted several Bible blogs looking at why the Bible is so fab and how it helps us today – if you haven’t read these I recommend you go find them!

But, now we know what we can find in the Bible – how do we go about actually reading the Bible? Those super thin pages are very tricky to turn when you only have flippers!

So, I thought I’d share with you my 5 Top Tips for Reading the Bible!!

Arnold’s 5 Top Tips for reading the Bible!


  1. Be Intentional – rather than only reading the Bible when you happen to have a spare few minutes in your day, set aside a certain time – maybe just before you get out of bed, just before you go to sleep, even in your lunch break. It doesn’t matter when you do it, just do it purposefully and keep that time set aside from any other distractions.
  2. Pray – the Bible can be pretty confusing. There are big, long words; confusing messages and sometimes it’s hard to work out what this means for our lives. So, ask God to help you out – it’s God breathed, he should know what it’s talking about!
  3. Read more and beware of the therefore – Taking a single Bible verse out of context can completely change what it actually means. So read around it, read the whole chapter – the whole book even (if you’re in Psalms this may take slightly longer!). Beware of the therefore, if you’re reading a passage that begins with ‘therefore’, ‘so’, or anything like that, definitely, definitely, definitely read the passage before – because that will help you to understand the bit you’re reading.
  4. Genre matters – if you take a human biology A Level text book, and a biography, you would read them in very different ways, at different times for different purposes. There are loads of different types of book in the Bible: Poetry, history, biographies. So, find out what genre it is you’re reading and see how that affects the way in which you read it.
  5. Bible reading doesn’t have to be a solo sport – You can read the Bible with other people: your family, your friends, your house group. Or you can read it alone and then discuss it with someone else – even just drop them a text and see what they think about it.

I hope these top tips help you to read, understand and engage with the Bible. It’s such a great book I think we should use it as much as possible!

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