Although yesterday was Bible Sunday, I think the Bible is important every single day. So, today I am calling ‘Bible Monday’ and we will continue looking at the fantastic gifts we have been given in the Bible.

Today we’re going to look more at 2 Timothy 3:16:

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness”

These things highlighted by Paul, show us just how the Bible is useful, both when this passage was written, and for us today.


Theory is important, in most tasks that we complete in life. Knowing the facts behind what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. The Bible tells us who Jesus was, where he came from and the amazing thing he has done for us. Without knowing this, our faith would be very different and we’d have very little to base our faith upon.

Rebuking & Correcting

Once we know the truth of Jesus, we can begin to recognise evil in our world. Things that go against all we have learnt through the Bible, that go against the things we know to be true. And we can have the confidence to rebuke this, to stand up against it, and change what we see. Whether this is in the way we see our friends acting or methods we see businesses use that we feel are wrong or unethical. We can make a change in the world.

Training in Righteousness

This element highlights the role the Bible plays in how we live our lives. It trains us, shows us how to live and gives us the skills to do so, equipping us to live well for God.

And I think this is just like when we learn how to play a new game. First, we read the instructions, we know how to play. Then, usually, you’ll watch some other people play the game and you can begin to see when they’re doing it wrong. You can point out, nah you’re not doing it right and correct them. Then finally, you can play the game yourself.

Tomorrow we continue with Bible Tuesday, looking at how the Bible trains us in righteousness!

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