Prayer Bottles

I hope you’ve been enjoying the recent blog posts about 24/7 prayer, where me and my friend Gertrude got to stay up until 5am! If you haven’t had a chance to read them yet, I would definitely recommend you go do that – I had huge amounts of fun!

Salt cups

But, it didn’t all end when we left the church at 5am. After a 3 hour power-nap, we were back at the church for 8am to join Messy Café’s two hours of prayers! Luckily, Messy Café means bacon butties for breakfast which is a fantastic way to start any Saturday morning (although by this point I must admit I was hugely confused about what day it was – I’d been to sleep twice and it was still only Saturday??).

In this month’s session we were exploring how we can make Jesus our cornerstone, the focus and most important thing in our lives. We especially discussed the fact that anything and everything we do, can be a prayer – from homework to washing up to driving to work!

Stirring the paint

We also had loads of fun making prayer bottles! We each took a cup containing salt, before adding our chosen colour of paint to the cup, mixing the two together to get a colourful mixture in our cup (lots of people wanted to mix lots of different colours together but this always seemed to make an icky brown colour!). As we were mixing, we chose a card from the table (or created our own) that contained a certain group of people, such as the homeless or children who have lost their parents, or people who are scared, and we prayed for that group of people.

prayer bottleOnce we had a colour we liked, we poured  layers of each colour through a funnel into a glass bottle, creating lots of different  coloured stripes, with each layer representing a different prayer! This made some  beautiful designs that were also very meaningful because of the prayers within them.  As well as glass bottles, we also filled smaller glass jars and test tubes.

This was such as super fun, super easy way of praying for many different people in  our community and world, through a creative, exciting and unique activity!

Why not try this yourself?


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