Praying with flowers

I’m sure the suspense has reached the point of near-unbearable, but do not fear, the time has finally come when I will answer the question consuming your thoughts: what on earth was Arnold talking about when he mentioned “pray it with flowers” in his last blog????

Well, it is in fact one of the ways of praying that a house group in our church utilised during our 24 hours of prayer recently. It is a truly fantastic idea that I would love everyone to get the opportunity to try!

The activity began with a collection of plants, flowers, leaves, grasses, a whole range of natural goodies foraged from gardens, flower shops and more, as well as a collection of Bible verses. The group then considered the bible verses, and created an image that they felt depicted that verse, purely with flowers!

Pray it with flowers

This act of creating biblical art with God’s own creation, is in itself a prayer – a way of communicating with God, through both his creation and his word. The group then also considered other, specific prayer topics that arose from these creations.

One of my favourites was a really tall, red flower with prayer points that included praying for all those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire, as well as praying that we don’t see ourselves as as good as, or better than, God (based on the tower of Babel in the Old Testament).

The whole table created a wonderful, visual and thoughtful display, full of different colours, different textures, different shapes – all demonstrating something different, helping us to engage with the topics that we were praying for in such a wonderfully unique way.

The group also put together the frontal floral piece for the church. Based on the bible verse: For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. (Matthew 18:20), this beautiful piece included a sunflower seemingly watching over the other flowers with grandeur and strength, as well as gypsophila surrounding the display. To me this perfectly visualised the idea of God looking over us as well as the Holy Spirit surrounding us and being among us.

This was such a great prayer station idea, and something that I hugely enjoyed. But the best thing about it, is that you could do it do! Maybe you could try it with a house group or group of friends, but you could even simply gather some flowers together from your garden or from a nearby park or woodland, and have a go on your own or with your family – a beautiful and meaningful way to decorate your house!

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