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Read: Matthew 25:31-46

Reflection: In society today, who do you think seems “unimportant”? Jesus is teaching his disciples that good deeds done to any of his people, are actually done for him. He lists deeds such as providing food and drink, welcoming strangers, providing clothes to those that need them, taking care of the ill and visiting those in prison. Can you think of any other deeds that you can do for people that seem unimportant, or are forgotten?

Where do you see opportunities to help these people? What stops you from helping them?

Jesus says, “those people [who fail to help God’s people] will be punished forever” and are actually failing to “do it for [God]”. What do you think this could mean? How does this make you feel about helping others? How do you think you could do more to help those in need?

Read: Matthew 8:1-13

Reflection: Here we see Jesus heal two people, a leper and an Army Officer. Lepers were considered complete outcasts, banished from towns and villages and sent away. What do you think made the leper return and face people who had shunned him? Jesus shows no disgust or repulsion from being near this man, as many would have done, why do you think this was?

Read verses 5-13. Why do you think the army officer felt he was “not good enough for [Jesus] to come into his house”? The officer shows huge amounts of faith in Jesus’ healing power, fully believing that his servant would be healed just from Jesus giving the order. How can we demonstrate faith like this man?

Read: Luke 18:15-17

Reflection: At this time, children were considered very unimportant by many in society. But Jesus calls them to him. What do you think this may show us about Jesus’ views towards children? In verse 17 it says: “you will never get into God’s kingdom unless you enter it like a child!”. How can you be more child-like in the way you act and worship?

Overall, how have today’s readings affected the way you feel you should treat those considered unimportant? How might you put this into practice?

Additional: Feel free to read these extra passages if you have time during your devotional, or at another point if you would like to discover more. 

Read: Luke 12:13-34

Reflection: What does this passage show us about the importance of our own possessions? How should we use the possessions we have? What could this look like in your life?

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