words we say

Read: James 3:1-12

Reflection: Has something you’ve said ever caused big problems? In this reading, James tells us the power our words have. Verses 3-5 likens our tongues to a bit in a horse’s mouth, or a rudder on a sailing ship. What impact have you seen your (or someone else’s) words have on others or yourself? Verse 6 says that the tongue is “an evil power that dirties the rest of the body”, how do our words dirty the rest of our bodies? Read verses 9 – 12, how do you feel about your tongue being used both to praise God and put other people down?

Read: Ephesians 4:1-32

Reflection: In this reading, Paul is writing about how we should live in a way that is worthy of God’s people.  What things do you do that stop you from living in this way? Verse 14 says: “we must stop acting like children”. Elsewhere in the Bible, we are encouraged to be child-like – what child-like traits do you think Paul may be warning against in this passage? Read verses 20-24 again. Can you see, in the world or in your daily life, how “foolish desires” can destroy people? Take time to pray for the Spirit to change your way of thinking and guide you away from these foolish desires.

Read verses 25-32. What directions can you see in this passage that could impact your life? Verse 29 tells us to “help others by what you say” – what could this look like in your daily life?

Overall, how has this passage affected the way you view the way you behave?

Additional: Feel free to read these extra passages if you have time during your devotional, or at another point if you would like to discover more. 

Read: Matthew 12:33-37

Reflection: Can good people say bad things? Can bad people say good things? What does this passage tell us about the importance of what we say?

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