Devotionals is a word that probably means rather different things to different people. To me, a devotional time is time put aside and devoted purely to God – whether through reading the Bible, learning through another book or in prayer or reflection. There are so many different resources and books available to help guide you in this time. One I have tried fairly recently has been the Bible in One Year devotional by Nicky Gumbel which is available on the You Version Bible App. I love having this kind of guidance in my devotional times to help keep me focused and just to know where to start!

I was absolutely delighted to have been asked to put together a short series of devotionals for the recent Friday Group weekend away. For this I put together 4 sets of directions aimed to last around 15-20 minutes which included passages to read from the Bible, as well as direction for reflections and prayer based upon the readings.

To link to the overall topic of the weekend: Making Decisions, I felt that it would be great to have the chance to explore some of the guidance we are given in the Bible as to how we should live our lives. Knowing that in 4, 15 minute sections I could barely scratch the surface of this topic, I chose 4 aspects to look at in more detail: Serving others, The words we say, Favouring the lowest and Love.

Writing these devotionals was a hugely enjoyable experience and allowed me to really reflect upon each topic in depth as we completed the devotional times over the weekend. I have written endless notes on each sheet and come away with so many new thoughts and inspirations that God has planted in me through these devotionals.

I enjoyed both writing and completing theses devotionals so much that from this Thursday to Sunday I will be releasing one devotional guide each day to allow you to explore the topics we covered as a group too! Each session will be released at 7am to allow you to complete them whenever you like throughout the day. These should be done at a time and location where you are able to relax and dedicate the whole time to listening to God. I found it very helpful having music playing in the background; somewhere comfy to sit; and pen and paper in order to write down my thoughts and reflections.

I do hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment any responses or thoughts in the comment section below each blog!!

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