Spoons are an interesting invention. Everyone tells me how great they are for eating soup or yoghurt, but how am I meant to hold a spoon in my flipper? I think I’ll stick to eating my fish whole with just my beak thank you!

But one great thing about spoons, or in particular teaspoons, is that they can help us to pray! Whenever I make fish ice cream, I follow a recipe to make sure it doesn’t go wrong. In this recipe, they refer to teaspoons as tsp, and it is these letters that guide us so well.


T for Thank You.

There are so many things that I am thankful to God for and it is so important to bring these things before him and say thank you. Often, I can accidentally use God like a vending machine; only talking to him when I want something and just presenting a list of my requests. But remembering all of the wonderful things that God has already provided for us is so important!

Thank you for my family and my friends. Thank you for my home and the food that you provide for me. Thank you that you love me and protect me, that you guide me and show me the way ahead.


S for Sorry

I know that I do things wrong, every single day. Each of these things hurts God and damages the relationship between me and him. Saying sorry to God, asking for his forgiveness and trying to be better, repairs this relationship.

Sorry for all the bad things I do. Sorry that I don’t always listen to what you tell me. Sorry that I lie, get jealous of other people, and upset my friends. Help me to be better from now on.


P for Please

The final section of our prayer, is asking God for the things we want and need. Our God is a powerful God and can achieve so much if we bring our needs and wishes before him in prayer. Our prayers may not always be answered, for a variety of reasons, but this is no reason to stop asking!

Please can you help me to pass my maths test. Please could I get a new job. Please let my grandma recover from her cold quickly. Please show me what I should do next.


This is such a simple, memorable way of pray with teaspoons: Thank You, Sorry, Please. This has been so useful to me when I don’t know where to start with my prayers or I don’t think I have anything “big” to talk to God about. Sometimes my prayers continue from this, but often these three sections encompass everything I need to say to God.

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