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Today’s Advent Challenge was pretty sad – we looked at how King Herod responded to the wise men not coming back to see him by killing all the boys in Bethlehem aged two and under – what a meanie!

Herod was scared of another King taking his power and reacted to his fear in a horrible way! Lots of people react in horrible ways when they are scared, so todays challenges looked at standing up for the oppressed:

Challenge 1: Stand up for someone who is being treated unfairly

Challenge 2: Donate £5 to give a backpack of Scripture books to children living in poverty in Egypt

Challenge 3: Post a prayer on our online prayer tree

Standing up for people who are oppressed is something I think is super important! I especially support charities who support those who are oppressed because of their faith (like Open Doors).

So, my prayer for those who are oppressed is:

Dear God,

Thank you for all of our Church family across the world. We pray for all those who are persecuted because of their faith; fearful for their lives, families and freedom. Please protect them from harm, help them to feel safe and to remain confident and trust in you. We also pray for the people and regimes which are oppressing these people, may they have compassion upon those they are oppressing and work towards change for these countries.


Advent Challenge Day 21
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