It’s Day 20!! Today in Advent Challenge we jumped back in time back to Isaiah 49:6 to a prophecy about a saviour coming to be ‘a light to the nations – so that all the world may be saved’.

This was a prophecy that suggested that this coming saviour, wasn’t just coming to save Israel but the whole world! The challenges today all looked at being inclusive:

Challenge 1: Invite someone round for a meal

Challenge 2: Donate £5 to support refugees fleeing war and terror in the Middle East

Challenge 3: Make a point of smiling at everyone as you’re out and about today

I love smiling at people! And I’m a super cute fluffy penguin so people always smile at me (apart from the ones that give me funny looks because why on earth is there a penguin walking around?).

I made a special effort today to smile at as many people as possible!

Advent Challenge Day 20
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