For today’s Advent Challenge we looked at Matthew 2:1-2 at the star that the wise men followed to find baby Jesus in Bethlehem! All the challenges today looked at how we can appreciate stars!

Challenge 1: Go stargazing with a friend or family member and thank God for his creation

Challenge 2: Tell someone you think they’re a star – and why!

Challenge 3: Make a starry tree decoration and give it to someone

I love stars! I love watching them in the night sky, they’re so cool and shiny like Christmas tree lights!

So, this evening, me and Jenny took a little walk outside and watched all the stars, spotting aeroplanes in the sky and looking at all the cool patterns in the sky. We also thanked God for all the amazing things that we could see: the stars, the moon, the changing colours and everything else we could see around us too! It was so much fun!

Advent Challenge Day 19
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