Arnold and christmas lights

I’m feeling so Christmassy today!

For today’s advent challenge, we looked at Luke 2:13-14 when angels sang praises to God!

Angels were used quite a lot during the Christmas story to deliver messages to all kinds of people, must have been an incredible sight to see.

The three challenges today all focused upon speaking well of God and of others:

Angel Decoration
Angel Decoration

Challenge 1: Film yourself singing a Christmas carol and send it to someone who would enjoy it

Challenge 2: Make angel tree decorations and give to people who normally help you

Challenge 3: Publicly thank someone you tend to take for granted

Arnold in Christmas tree
Arnold in Christmas tree

Our Christmas tree went up the other day! So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make a new decoration! I created an angel decoration using lolly sticks, a glue gun, sharpies and some string.

I’m quite proud of my angel and gave it to Robin to hang on the tree for Christmas because he always helps me!

Advent Challenge Day 16
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