Tidying the desk

We’ve arrived in Bethlehem!

Today, we looked at Luke 2:6-7, when Jesus was born and laid in a manger because there was no room in any inns. Today the challenges were all about space: how we use our space and bless others through it.

Challenge 1: Tidy a shared space

Challenge 2: Offer to clear a garden or shed for someone who would struggle to do it

Challenge 3: Invite someone to spend Christmas with you who would otherwise be alone

This week, Robin has been away at university, but we have been using his room to get some work done each day (because Jenny doesn’t like using the laptop much). So, today’s challenge fitted so well to allow us to tidy up his room and our workspace ready for him to come home tomorrow!

Now, I’m only very, very little and have tiny flippers so this would have been quite tricky for me to do it alone… so I roped in Gertrude to come and help me!

We tidy up all of Robin and Jenny’s desks as well as the sofa and some junk that had ended up on the floor. We also set up a new bin because there hasn’t been a proper one in here for ages and we need one!

It was great fun and makes us feel so productive and calm to have a nice, tidy space to work in!

Advent Challenge Day 14
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