Penguin friends

We’re over half way there!

Today we were looking at Mary and Joseph’s loooong walk from Nazareth to Bethlehem (about 100 miles!).

What would they have been doing? They couldn’t use phones or gadgets to distract them so I’m sure they would’ve done a whole lot of talking along the way! All the challenges today were based on making time to talk.

Challenge 1: Have a tech-free evening

Challenge 2: Make time for a walk with a friend

Challenge 3: Keep the radio off in the car in order to talk instead

Talking in the car is something Jenny and I do a lot! She gets some rather weird looks to be honest – I’m not sure whether they realise she’s talking to a penguin or just think she’s talking to herself!

However, today we have made time for a friend (maybe not too much walking because it’s freezing and rainy) as we’re about to go out to drop off 1 birthday present, see Gran and then visit a friend to help them with their history coursework!

I love it when I get to spend time just chatting with friends, it’s just so hard to fit everything into my week!

Advent Challenge Day 13
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