Arnold and Bertie

FINALLY, the Advent Challenge has started talking about some of the most important characters of the Christmas – the animals!

Today we were looking at the donkey! Although apparently, he was left out of the biblical account – how rude. It was very likely at the time though, that a donkey would have been used to carry the luggage. The challenges today all looked at helping others with the ‘load’ they carry.

Challenge 1: Offer to help a strange pack their shopping and load it into their car

Challenge 2: Take on a task that someone else normally has to do

Challenge 3: Offer to babysit to give someone a break

Now, today had been quite a stressful day at work to be honest and me and Jenny were not in the best of moods. However, we were very excited to see Charlie and Bertie (the dogs) when we arrived back! Soon, our excitement turned to despair as we discovered not one, but two doggy poos on the floor!

Rather than leave these for someone else to clear up, we decided to grab kitchen roll and the cleaning spray and set to removing the poop from the floor and informing Charlie and Bertie that they were very naughty dogs!

Fun donkey fact: A female donkey is called a Jenny!

Advent Challenge Day 12
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